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The Sparq H2 gives you convenience of steaming hot or ambient filtered water, instantly. Now you can enjoy steaming hot drinks in an instant at your bar or kitchen. Whether used for a morning cup of tea or coffee or for commercial food preparation, the Sparq H2 is ready whenever you are.

• This system provides filtered ambient or boiling water from a single, elegant tap
• Ultra Z Filtration Technology filters out chlorine, sediment, chemicals, taste & odour, bacteria and cysts down to 0.1 of a micron
• The Sparq H2 can deliver up to 60 cups of steaming hot water an hour
• Includes a lock on the hot water tap to prevent scalding, thermal fuse protection and water pressure protection
• The insulated hot water tank and Vapour Recovery Technology reduces heating time and conserves energy and water
• Adjustable water temperature from 60° to 98°C †
• The standby power usage is less than a 40W light bulb

Micron Rating: 0.1 Micron*
Replacement Cartridge(s): ZR-1
Min/Max Pressure: 172 - 500kPa
Hot Water Temperature: 60°C - 98°C+
Hot Water Capacity: 60 Cups/Hour
Power Requirements: 10 amp
Tap Hole: 26mm Diameter
Warranty: 2 Years^

^2 Year warranty is 1 year parts and labour, plus 1 year parts only. Excludes cartridges.

*Micron rating is nominal.

+Temperature in tank.

Ultra Z Filtration Technology
The SPARQ H2 uses Ultra Z Filtration Technology, providing you clean, beautiful tasting drinking water, free from cysts, odours and chemicals.

Heating The Water
The SPARQ H2 holds an ample 2.4L, with 1.6L of water available for immediate draw-down with fast recovery, in a removable stainless steel tank. The hydrodynamically designed chamber allows the hot water to flow to the top of the tank which prevents mixing already heated water with incoming ambient water. When you need instant steaming hot water, the system draws from the already heated water to conserve energy use.

Ambient Drinking Water
The SPARQ H2 gives you clear, pure, ambient drinking water straight from the tap. So you can enjoy safe, delicious, refreshing water with no nasty bacteria or chemicals and no nasty metallic aftertaste.