Methven was originally started in 1886 by George Methven in Dunedin, New Zealand as an iron and brass foundry.  Within 10 years Methven began manufacturing tapware.  Fast forward over 100 years and Methven has developed and held a dominant space in the bathroom and kitchen tapware sectors renowned for their innovation and product quality - especially around shower heads.

Methven’s innovation is focused on using intelligent design and precision engineering to shape water and create experiences that can soothe, stimulate, comfort, relax and revitalise offering customers the ability to create their own showering experience in their bathroom.

The collection of Methven taps also extends to kitchen mixers and laundry taps where they offer a wide range of tapware to enable you to select a kitchen mixer or laundry tapware to compliment any kitchen sink, kitchen bench or laundry design in any design aesthetic – contemporary or classic. 

Some of their award winning technologies include:


Transform your shower experience with Methven’s Satinjet® technology.  Using a unique twin-jet to form over 300,000 droplets per second, Satinjet® also creates theses droplets at the optimum size and pressure.

Acknowledging that ‘optimum’ means different things to different people, Methven has created a range of Satinjet® showers so you can select from gentle to powerful and invigorating pressure.

Available in any Kiri Shower Head or Maku Shower Head.

For more information about Satinjet® technology visit the Methven website.

Fastflow® II | Methven Solution for Unequal Pressure

Methven’s patented technology surrounding their Fastflow ® II technology takes water performance in an unequal water pressure system to the next level.  A unique design incorporating a combination of nozzles and jets utilises the velocity of high pressure cold water to draw through hot water at an increased flow rate.

Fastflow® II technology can be found in the shower mixers in our Kiri, Maku and Futura ranges.

To learn more about Fastflow® II technology visit the Methven website.

Hyperflow™ | Methven Solution for Low Pressure

A combination of port openings on a unique cartridge has enabled Methven to create Hyperflow™.  This leading technology to maximises water flow on an equal low pressure system.

Available in our Futura Hyperflow shower mixer.